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New York’s 14th and 16th Congressional Districts see intense primary campaigns

We are just days away from primary election day in New York.

Candidates came out in full force on Saturday, including those vying for New York’s 14th and 16th Congressional Districts.

By Congressman Jamaal Bowman’s side at a rally in the Bronx, some of the most well-known progressives in Congress, including congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders.

In his final push before the primary on Tuesday, Bowman addressed the millions of dollars spent by the pro-Israel lobby to attack him for his support of Palestine, including repeated calls for a cease-fire in the Middle East.

“Our movement is more powerful than their money,” Bowman said.

Senator Sanders says the challenge against Bowman represents a threat to American democracy.

“Never before in history have special interests spent so much money trying to defeat a candidate. This campaign is about telling the billionaire crowd, oligarchs, they are not going to destroy American democracy.”

Bowman’s challenger, Westchester County Executive George Latimer, spent Saturday casting his early vote in Mount Vernon.

He said, “The issue in Washington is the lack of focus on getting a result. If you want to do that, you have to work with everyone in your conference and focus on the appropriate product, not just on the process or stating the problems.”

The latest polling from PIX11, Emerson College, and The Hill shows Latimer with a 17-point lead. He says that’s a sign voters are ready for a change.

“I’ve tried to meet people where they are. Grassroots,” Latimer said.

Meantime, back at the Bronx rally, despite facing a primary of her own in New York, 14 Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez spent most of her time championing Bowman.

Ocasio Cortez said, “They want him out because he’s not bought. he’s not owned by anybody.”

She added, “he knows his primary responsibility is to our community, our towns. To White Plains. to new rochelle to yonkers.”

As for her opponent, Wall Street veteran Marty Dolan, he was at a community event in Jackson Heights.

Dolan said, “Her time is up, and the voters have seen enough. On Tuesday, we were going to have a change in representation for this district.”

The primary day is on June 25. Early voting ends on Sunday.

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