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Veteran Wall Street investor Marty Dolan explained to Fox News on Friday why he is running to unseat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., in her New York district, telling Fox News Channel anchor Lawrence Jones that her policies have led to New Yorkers feeling unsafe.

When asked why he’s running, Dolan held up the cover of the New York Post and read its large letters, "HELL RIDE." 

The article explained how dangerous riding the city’s subway system has become due to rampant crime.

Dolan, who is challenging AOC as a Democrat, added, "This is what you're getting in the subways. This is what you're getting in the streets. You're getting a complete lack of confidence and comfort in what's supposed to be the best city in the world. So, the standards have just gotten too low, and things have slipped."

"And enough is enough," he declared.

Jones followed up by noting the congresswoman’s popularity, asking the candidate about his strategy to beat her.

Dolan replied by noting he’s going to capitalize on residents' "dissatisfaction" and showcase how AOC looks good in the media, but not so good to everyday people.

"There’s a lot of dissatisfaction in the district," he said, noting, "a lot of what AOC has done has been very good at the headlines, but not so good in the street."

"So whether it's the Green New Deal, whether it's the Amazon deal, whether it's the immigrants that are coming in and taking benefits that are intended for constituents, she's really putting, you know, the headlines first and the constituents second," he added.

Jones asked Dolan about the "split" in the Democratic Party and what kind of Democrat Dolan considers himself.

He responded by calling himself a "moderate Democrat" and continued, describing how "radicals" seem to have too much power in the party.

Dolan said, "And you hit the nail on the head, which is, the left wing of the left side of the Democratic Party is too far on the left. It's that simple. So, the airplane is not flying straight. It's tilted over here. The radicals have outweighed their influence in the party."

He continued, expressing his belief that his campaign is "going to convert voters" away from AOC and extreme candidates. Dolan added, "I'm not going to say it's easy, but I think there's a lot of dissatisfaction in the district with her policies as they apply to the district."

Jones then asked if Dolan thinks he will get much pushback from protesters and voters. The candidate continued to express confidence, stating, "I'm pretty confident in the voters. I think the voters — you can never underestimate the intelligence of the voters. They do their research. We have about three months before the vote, and I'm confident we're going to get the result we want."


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