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Marty Dolan to Newsmax: AOC Has 'Done Nothing'

By Mark Swanson

Marty Dolan, the former Wall Street banker who earlier this month launched a primary challenge to progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told Newsmax he is running because she has "done nothing" in her three terms in the state's 14th Congressional District.

"She's done nothing for her constituents in the Bronx, and she's made things worse in Queens," Dolan told Tuesday's "National Report."

"So, something has to be done. I just decided to step up and do it."

Dolan blasted AOC's "radical policies" as the impetus for the 500,000 taxpayers who have left New York in the past three years. "I call it the Progressive Transportation Company," he said. "What they do is they bring people in on buses who need money, and they send people out on airplanes who have the money, which is our taxpayers.

"It's a complete disaster for New York."

Dolan cited AOC's efforts in early 2019 to dismantle a proposed plan to bring Amazon's headquarters to Long Island. AOC celebrated the defeat of billionaire Jeff Bezos over the benefit of jobs to her district. "Every study about income inequality has shown that the best thing is to create jobs in your community," Dolan said. "It's not the housing — the housing is important — but the jobs are even more important.

"So in the case of her district, Amazon was gonna invest billions of dollars in the district. It was decided they were going to come in, and then she decided that she was going to undo that, which was a disastrous mistake for the people of her district."

Finally, Dolan said AOC is "100% wrong" in her appetite for illegal migrants, 175,000 of whom have become a financial albatross for New York City as a sanctuary city. "So, on top of the fact that she's taking jobs out of the district, now she's saying we can have people from all over the world in the district —  and this is not just a few people coming across from Mexico," Dolan said. "This is people flying from China. They're coming to Ecuador, they're walking, you know, 2,000 miles. They're getting killed, they're getting robbed, some are getting attacked. They're getting turned into prostitution."

People are "fed up," according to Dolan, who is getting the word out that June 25, the Democrat primary, is the day to do something about it. "She has $6 million [in campaign donations] that's coming in from all over the country," Dolan said. "You know what $6 million, how far that would go to the people of this district?

"So we have to get people out to vote on June 25 and vote her out."

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