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Marty Dolan to Newsmax: NYC Needs an Immigration 'Freeze'

By Nick Koutsobinas, Newsmax

Marty Dolan, a 66-year-old former Wall Street banker and Westchester County native who is challenging Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a Democrat in the June 25 primary in New York's 14th Congressional District, told Newsmax that New York City — and for that matter, the United States — needs to "freeze" immigration and return to legal instead of illegal migration.

Speaking to "Wake Up America Weekend" Saturday on the crime wave sweeping sanctuary cities such as New York, Dolan said, "The first thing you need to do is freeze immigration."

"Everybody's making mistakes now in a hurry; we should just stop immigration and go back to what's called legal immigration as fast as possible."

Dolan further asserted that by allowing cities in the U.S. to posture as "sanctuary cities," the "radical" bureaucrats in government are essentially responsible for the deaths of thousands of migrants who make the trek from Central America to the U.S.

"If you look at it from this perspective, when you look on a map — and you could do this on Google Maps — and how long it is from Ecuador to Texas, it doesn't look too far. Well, it's 2,200 miles.

"It's like walking from Tampa [Florida] to Los Angeles. But there's no Starbucks, and there's no water. And so you have 500,000 people who make it. But there's 50,000 who disappear on the way. That's because of the radicals ... and the idea of a sanctuary city is: Everybody come up here. You're causing ... the civilian casualties."

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