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Dolan said that he believes that the first step to reduce crime at the federal level is to stop undocumented immigrants, because the criminal records of undocumented immigrants are unknown, which will become a major problem affecting public safety. The second is to establish a national crime investigation center to integrate about 18,000 different police systems across the United States. Therefore, if elected as a member of Congress, he will set up a federal police training fund to train police, improve police standards, integrate different law enforcement systems across the United States, and achieve information sharing. Currently, there is no federal police training, which is limited to states. Therefore, this grant will help to use advanced technology and training to better unify the level of police across the United States.

The 14th Congressional District covers Queens and the Bronx, including College Point, Woodside, Elmhurst and East Elmhurst, where Chinese people live. Dolan, 66, is the son of Latino immigrants and a retired financial analyst. He has served as a managing director at companies such as Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase. He advocates pragmatic politics, including strengthening the middle class, defunding the police and ending bail reform, 25-30% tax cuts and creating local high-paying jobs.

【侨报记者张晶6月20日纽约报道】20日,正在挑战国会众议员奥卡西奥科特兹(AOC)的纽约州第14选区国会众议员参选人多兰(Marty Dolan)于法拉盛宣布一项政见,若当选,他将争取成立一项联邦警察培训基金,用于警察培训和整合执法系统信息。



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