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The 16th's Congressional District Election 2024

I’m Marty Dolan, announcing my intention to run for the Democratic nomination for New York State’s 16th Congressional District – southern Westchester and part of the northern Bronx.


Westchester’s cities, towns, villages, and hamlets are special:  saltwater harbors, mountainous terrain, freshwater rivers, densely settled in the south and almost rural in the north.  Proud members of every nationality attend our top-ranked schools.  Businesses thrive here. 


Westchester’s people have high standards.  You came here for the quality of life.  You put up with complex commutes and challenging cost of living to have a better life for your families.


There are many important issues.  In Westchester, the nation’s highest property taxes are driving away long-term residents.  This affects not only homeowners but businesses and renters too.  In NYC, falling standards are leading to a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ on the streets, the stores, and in the subways. 


Even though Westchester isn’t part of NYC, the suburbs’ 4 million monthly commuters mean we are all in this together, and: we all should expect better.


Like many of you, my father emigrated to Westchester, in his case, from Argentina.  He and my mother raised nine of us.   We were in two bedrooms on Main Street in Irvington, his medical office in the basement complete with an X-ray machine to make it easier for his patients – the ‘can do’ attitude.

In the 1970s, New York City hit bankruptcy.  Dad was astonished:  how could NYC fail? 


This question led me to business school and from there on to representing Fortune 500 companies and regulators throughout the Southeast, the Midwest, the UK, and Europe – devising innovative strategies for the US liability crisis, helping the recovery from the WTC attack and Hurricane Katrina and addressing the global financial crisis.


Our district and our country need fresh leadership with a can-do attitude to solve the complex problems we face. 


I love Westchester, it’s my home and where my family got started.  Westchester’s citizens are leaders in many important walks of life.  Our voices should be heard in Congress.


I am hoping to meet with many of you as the June 25 primary campaign kicks into gear.


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