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Policy Platform

Our Solution to the NY-14 Crisis

Grow and Strengthen the Middle Class—We have seen our New York middle class shrink and flee south. It's time for our representatives to refocus on supporting small businesses and working families.

Create Local, Well-Paid Jobs that don't require a college education. We need to bring jobs back to the Bronx and Queens, not force families and residents out to afford the cost of living.

A 25-30% City & State Tax Reduction funded by a VAT Tax and National Luxury Sales Tax, contributing to state pension payments, lowering taxes for lower earners, and paying off the national debt.

Refund, not Defund the Police and implement improved law enforcement Training & Technology. We can't have our toothpaste locked up and criminals running free- we need to End Zero Bail Reform.

Immigration & Asylum Reform is critical. Our unorganized state and city-led immigration system has resulted in unmanageable crime and massive spending on undocumented migrants. We need to Federalize Immigration and make the process more Efficient & Affordable.

Harmonized Social Policies are essential to a United Country. We need to Codify Abortion and Federalize Medicaid.  

Domestic & Constituent Focus should always be the priority for our federal representatives. For too long, our representative has focused on growing her national fame on fringe issues.
When I am elected, I will fight for the issues that matter to the people of District 14.
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